our story

The inspiration and the only reasons

When Lisa Carrol, our founder was a first time mommy her twin girls, Liv and Lilly, were born prematurely. They suffered from very delicate skin as many newborns do.

Newborn babies have up to 10 times more sensitive skin than the rest of us, which is easily overlooked. They are exposed to a new world and new materials. Although your little bundle of joy developed from an embryo to an infant in a matter of 9 months, their precious skin can still take up to 12 months to fully develop.

As humans, our skin is made up of two layers – the bottom layer is called the dermis, and the top layer is called the epidermis.

Your baby’s epidermis is thin and not fully developed, making their skin prone to common infant skin conditions. 

For this reason, not only are the lotions and soaps you expose to your little one’s skin important but also the clothing being put on top of their skin. This was the case for our momma and designer, Lisa Carrol, and her beloved premature twin daughters, Liv and Lilly.

Our Journey

A recommendation from the twins pediatrician set Lisa on the path to finding the highest quality in baby clothing for her babies. After desperately exhausting every option to cure her little ones skin from eczema and other skin reactions, she did a lot of research and set off to the place that is known for producing the softest cotton known to humankind: Peru. 

Where she ventured the Peruvian markets and Cotton Fields. Experiencing first-hand how pure 100% Pima Cotton is and how it was harvested, hand-picked, knitted and dyed.

From: Peru, with love

The organic way Peruvians harvest and collect their Pima Cotton, and the way the produce it is something that was fascinating. It was very different from your typical textiles and not your common mass production.

Traditinally cotton is picked by large matchines that remove the cotton but also little branches and leaves come along with it. These create “contamination” which means the final yarns will have micro residual parts of them. Pima is picked by hand, already reducing an astronomical amount of the “natural contaminants” which makes it more pure. Allowing Pima Cotton to be whiter (better for our prints and colors), softer and less processed. 


Lisa’s dreams came true when she opened her first store in Stockholm, Sweden. Her vision brought children into a dreamland of comfortable clothes with unique prints, all designed in Lisa’s apartment in Stockholm. Inspired by a family of designers and seamstresses, Lisa found her niche and became fascinated with style of prints, colors and shapes.

And thus LIVLY was born.

Welcome to Our World

Our world was built out of a need and a dream. A need to make sure our tiny humans are comfortable as they join this planet, but also a dream from a little girl (our founder) who used to loose herself in her imagination and build this magical world as a child herself to play in, escape to and grow.

We invite you to join us as we strive for create a place where every child is special, is loved, is equal and is surrounded by love and comfort.

"The Soft Life"

Our promise is to our little ones. We will continue to work daily in creating a world full of wonder and magic. A world where their curious minds can develop and build the most wonderful stories filled with characters, kindness and love.

A place where comfort and aesthetics are not compromised, softness is a given and whatever this world presents to them they can take on with grace. We will continue to search for the best techniques, the softest materials and leave room for improvement on everything we have already created to ensure we are forever evolving and growing just as our babies are.

LIVLY through the years

Welcome to the soft life

"I wanted to create a world of softness and comfort for the most important humans on the planet: Our children"