The story of Ramble Hill

My story and love for Jamaica started when my father was born in Ramble Hill in 1959, where the warm breeze spoke a language called happiness, the golden sunrise started to glitter at 5:36am, and the ocean had a life of its own.
My family lived on the highest peak of a mountain called Ramble Hill where the sun would rise at 5:36 AM and set at 6:51 PM. Everything about that mountain was magical: the birds sang the sweetest songs, the coconuts that were just chopped off the trees and served with a sugar cane straws was the freshest I had ever tasted, and the sunset looked like a big pot of gold taken out of a fairytale. 
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" When I started sketching on this collection, I didn’t know how I could make it  justice, so I played around with the idea of waiting another year until I was ready…but with some sketches done of our Bunny LIVLY traveling the Island of Love, I decided that 2018 was the year for our LIVLY friends to get to know my beloved mountain, and the magical and mystical country Jamaica. "
In life, I think we all have a place that inspires us to be better, do better. Ramble Hill is my place, and has been a driving force in my imagination since I was a little girl: the colors, the music, the food but most of all the spirit of the people. I hope I have given you all a glimpse into the true beauty of Ramble Hill.
Favorite place to stay:
Montego Bay or Negril. Negril is known for its 11km beach, which is truly is  breath taking! When in Negril, don’t miss to go out on one of the glassboats to Lobster Island, located in a small lagoon right outside the beach. 
Must do:
Walk up the Dun’s River Falls. Such a fun thing to do for the entire family! 
Must eat: 
Jamaica is so rich in flavors, and its jerked chicken and Ital Stew are favorites, and my kids love when my dad cook up dumplings and fried chicken! 
Secret spot:
There are so many magical caves where you get to swim in the freshest water with huge and colorful fish. One of my favorite caves are in Breadnut Fall, Jamaica.  
Rafting the Martha Bae River. Epic!
XO Lisa

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