A party for two

At the office and at home, we couldn’t be happier to kiss winter Farwell and to celebrate feel-good sun rays and the smell of fresh flowers. 
We decided to embrace spring with a lovely little tea party in the same spirit. Miles and I went to the farmers market to pick out flowers and berries for the celebration, before inviting over his girlsfriend Mila.
"I couldn't find bowls and cups that I was completley in love with and that was fun enough for the kids while us mamas would enjoy setting the table with. Our princessland came out exaclty how we had envisioned it, and I am so thankful for everyone who worked so hard on this collection!"
Miles and Mila really enjoyed themselves but didn't undertand why they couldn't have more than 2 cupcakes each :)
The sweetest conversation between these 3 year olds. I just love this age and how much comfortable they feel when they can express their feelings. Everything from Spiderman to Elsa was discussed, and we ended up outside in full costume.
Before I used to buy already made flower bouqets (if any!) but now I really enjoy going to the farmer's market and putting together my own little arrangemangs. It's fun because it doesn't have to be perfect, and they can all look a bit original.
We always go down to Wynwood for our favorite vegan cupcakes and other goodies.


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